about NerdWord

Nardword Inc. is a company that makes websites, products and services.

Creating products and services on the WEB site also has the same elements. Who is the target of the contents and products? What kind of good thing is there depending on the goods and services? Why do you want “yourself”​ by that goods and services? “What do you want to do”​? In other words, we carefully clarify the purpose first.

By intersecting the “viewpoint of making a web site”​ and “viewpoint of making products / services”​, you can obtain synergistic effects and deliver it to customers. This is our strength.


With love and imagination, edit things and benefit for people.

Company Name:NerdWord inc.
Date of establishment:April 4, 2018
Representative:Atsushi Kuniyasu
Office:2-19-30 Kouenji-minami Suginami-ku ,Tokyo 166-0003 Japan
TEL:+81-3-5378-6211 Please contact us from the inquiry form, thanks.
eMail:info @ nerdword.jp
Business contents:WEB content production, WEB/Design/Product planning development

Representative profile

I entered in 2018 through a foreign-affiliated IT company, a healthcare maker, a PC peripheral equipment maker. I have consistently engaged in WEB project / product planning since the 2000s. My hobbies are music (Punk, Jam, Rock, Jazz), reading (Yukio Mishima), drinking (I love Shinjuku). Born in 1976 in Saku city, Nagano Prefecture, living in Tokyo.Facebook Instagram


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